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Sand and Gravel

Your Trusted Sand and Gravel Supplier

Are you in need of sand and gravel for your construction or landscaping project in North Vancouver? Look for Dalton Trucking Ltd to fulfill your requirements by providing high-quality products. As a gravel, stone, and sand supplier, we take care of the transportation and deliver the goods to your site promptly. You can be sure of the quality of our products. We offer solutions to help with fill jobs, site preparation, and decorations for landscaping.


Stone installations and decorative gravel can help elevate your landscaping and outdoor space. We have several eye-catching options to choose from. Additionally, we offer sand for use as a prep base and to act as a foundation for pavers and tiles during construction. Reach out to us if you want to place an order for your next construction contract in North Vancouver. 

Our Products

We offer the following types of sand, gravel, and stones for use in construction and landscaping.

Road base (3/4 inch)

25 mm

This road base is great for driveways, patios, or for a concrete slab prep base. It is also useful for pathways, roads, lanes, parking pad base and bases for Allan blocks.

Road base (3 inches)

75 mm gravel

This road base is a great choice for heavy fill jobs, slab prep, property structural fill, and road-building

Crush (3/4 inch to 1 inch)

This is drainage gravel used for laying over drainage pipes, driveways, gravel pathways, parking pads, and to fill Allan blocks. 

Decorator (1 - 1/4 inch)

40 mm stone

These decorative rocks are great to spruce up gardens, boulevards, rooftops, and window wells.

River stone (2 inches to 6 inches)

These stones are a great decorative addition to ponds, gardens, boulevards, and landscaped areas.

Drain rock (1 inch)

28 mm stone

This stone product is good for decoration and basic drainage.

Fill sand

This is used under paver stones, in play areas, as backfill for pipe, for new lawn prep, concrete pad prep, and large backfill jobs.

Asp millings (rapcon)

This is an asphalt and concrete blend that is used for driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas.

Concrete sand

This is used for mixing with concrete to provide strong and high-quality results. You can use this sand for filling sandboxes, rock wall building, as backfill, on lawns, under paving stones, and behind retaining walls.

Screenings (7.5 mm)

This is used in pavestone prep and is also added alongside pathways, sports areas, and park areas.

Birdseye (5 mm gravel)

This is used for backfill, oil sump fill (easy push-in) and for dog runs. Additionally, you can use it in gardens and playgrounds.

Torpedo (10 mm gravel)

Also known as pea gravel, it is great for roofing, dog runs, playgrounds and gardens. It is also great for light drainage and old sump fill (easy push-in).

Torpedo navy (3/8 inch)

This is used in concrete mixing for thinner depth pours and easy hand mixing.

Navy (3/4 inch)

25 mm gravel

This is used in concrete mixing for footings, walls, and slabs.

Square Feet to Cubic Yards Conversion

Browse this section to convert square feet to cubic yards and get an idea of consignment sizes for delivery.

Square Feet to Cubic Yards

(length in feet) x (width in feet) x (depth in feet) = (cubic feet) ÷ (27) = cubic yards

For Round Containers

(3.14) x (1/2 the diameter) x (1/2 the diameter) x (depth) = (cubic feet) ÷ (27) = cubic yards

1” = .08

2” = .16

3” = .25

4” = .33

5” = .41

6” = .50

7” = .58

8” = .66

9” = .75

10” = .83

11” = .91

12” = 1

Maximum volume for trucks is 16 yards. The conversion chart above shows approximate conversions.

High-quality Gravel

We have a selection of gravel and sand that can go well with your landscaping design.

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