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A pyramid-shaped heap of topsoil and bark mulch.

Topsoil and Bark Mulch

High-quality Topsoil and Bark Mulch

If you are looking for a source of high-quality topsoil and bark mulch in areas from Greater Vancouver to Fraser Valley, then Dalton Trucking Ltd is the place for you. We offer a range of lawn care products that are designed to keep your plants and gardens maintained and looking their best. A healthy lawn is only as healthy as its grass. You can benefit from these products as they nourish grass and plants and suppress weed growth.


Our lawn care products are great for residential clients that need a way to maintain their plants or for landscaping contractors to use in their projects. Call us to find out more about our soil products.

Our Lawn Care Products

You can order the following products from us to maintain and rejuvenate your garden and lawn areas.

Bark mulch

Bark mulch

We carry the Hemlock Fir blend. This is perfect to use for ground covering, boulevards, gardens, and various landscaping projects. It is also a weed suppressant.

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Compost bark mulch (3/8 inch)

This contains more compost than the Hemlock Fir blend and is great for beautifying gardens. It reduces maintenance time and costs of weeding as it is a natural weed suppressant. Its ability to retain moisture creates a healthy environment for plants.

Garden soil

Garden soil

Our garden soil has 25% sand blended in. It is compost-based soil and is excellent for lawns, trees, shrubs, and gardens.

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Turf soil

It is 50% sand and is used for the installation of turfgrass and gardens.

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Soil amender

These are compost-based and help improve the overall health of your trees and plants when used with the existing soil.

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Topdressing (seasonal)

This is a seasonal lawn care product that is used for failing grass and levelling out existing lawns by blending into the grass through raking. It also helps to even out the lawn and prepares it for reseeding. Please call to order seasonal lawn care products.


Square Feet to Cubic Yards Conversion

Browse this section to convert square feet to cubic yards and get an idea of consignment sizes for delivery.

Square Feet to Cubic Yards

(length in feet) x (width in feet) x (depth in feet) = (cubic feet) ÷ (27) = cubic yards

For Round Containers

(3.14) x (1/2 the diameter) x (1/2 the diameter) x (depth) = (cubic feet) ÷ (27) = cubic yards

1” = .08

Inches to Point Form

5” = .41

2” = .16

3” = .25

4” = .33

6” = .50

7” = .58

8” = .66

9” = .75

10” = .83

11” = .91

12” = 1

Maximum weight for trucks is 12 yards or 15 tons. The conversion chart above shows approximate conversions.

Topsoil being meticulously placed in front and on the side of a house.

Get Your Supply of Topsoil

We offer a range of topsoil and bark mulch products to help maintain your lawn and landscaping.

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