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An excavator loading a truck with debris at a snowy construction site.


Dependable Trucking for Hire

At Dalton Trucking Ltd, we understand the logistics that go into a construction contract. The amount of waste material generated can cause clutter which in turn will reduce productivity and could even cause injury. Similarly, for landscaping or excavation, huge amounts of building materials need to be transported out while large consignments of decorative stone and soil need to be brought in. That’s where we come in with our quality trucking services.

We have a variety of trucks available that can suit the needs of your project. For large projects that require big hauls, we have pony attachments in place to accommodate bigger batches of debris and gravel. You can rely on our trucks to effectively transport your materials on and off-site. Get in touch with us for trucking and hauling services.

Our Trucking Solutions

Dalton Trucking offers solutions that are ideal for the needs of both residential and commercial clients. Construction contractors can rely on us for their hauling needs, while homeowners can use our services to manage yard waste, renovation debris, and junk disposal. We have trucks suited for both heavy and light loads. Some of the materials we can transport include:

Construction debris
Road mulch
Bark mulch
Household debris
Landscaping waste
Fill materials
Demo materials
Excavator efficiently depositing debris into a waiting truck.

Types of Trucks Available

Our fleet is made up of a variety of trucks that can tend to the hauling needs of both large- and small-scale projects. The types of trucks we have available are: 

Single axle
Tandem axle
Tridem axle
Truck with pony attachment

Call us for our trucking services today!

Diagonal view of a construction truck parked at a worksite, equipped with a rear loader.

Clear Your Debris

Our trucks can be used to haul construction debris, landscaping waste, and gravel.

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