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Side view of a white construction truck at a construction site.

High-quality Topsoil

We have supplies of topsoil and bark mulch that will help you with your landscaping and lawn care.

Effective Trucking Services

Dalton Trucking Ltd is a family-owned and operated business in North Vancouver that offers reliable trucking services, waste management, and soil delivery to clients from Greater Vancouver to Fraser Valley. We are a trusted company that can help you with your construction, landscaping, and hauling requirements. Dalton Trucking has been in operation since 1995 and has gained years of experience from supporting construction and landscaping contracts. We can accurately gauge and understand what a particular project needs and deliver effective services that will help improve efficiency.


You can rely on us to provide high-quality soil and aggregate products for your landscaping or construction needs. Our trucks are available for hire to help with gravel transportation or waste disposal and can help maintain a clean site. The services we provide can cover the needs of both small and large-sized projects and are ideal for homeowners, landscapers, and construction contractors. Call us to hire our trucking services.

Our Diverse Services

Dalton Trucking can help you achieve your landscaping or construction goals. Trust us to take care of a wide range of services, including but not limited to: 

Trucking solutions
Disposal bin rentals
Excavation services
Sand and gravel deliveries
Topsoil and bark mulch deliveries

Browse images of our work and see the quality of our services for yourself!

Side view of a white truck parked on a road.
Excavator loading debris into a waiting truck.

Need Hauling Services?

Come to us for your sand, gravel, and rock hauling needs to reduce the clutter in your job site.

Diagonal view of a white truck with a blue dump container on its rear.

Waste Disposal Solutions

We offer bin rentals so you can keep your surroundings clean and get rid of your waste.

White truck emptying debris from its container.

Your Source for Quality Gravel

We offer several types of sand and gravel to fit the needs of your landscaping or construction project.

A picture of few trucks parked beneath a flyover bridge

See Our Equipment

Check out some pictures of our trucks and see what our excavation equipment is capable of.

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